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Origen of Alexandria: Exegetical works on Ezekiel

The second volume in our series Ancient Texts in Translation has now appeared.  Volume 2 is a text and translation of the remains of Origen’s exegetical works on Ezekiel, translated by Mischa Hooker.

9780956654021-frontcoverOrigen wrote three works in which he commented on Ezekiel.  He wrote sermons, composed a commentary (almost entirely lost) and also scholia.

The series of fourteen expository sermons is lost in the original Greek, but the content is preserved in a Latin translation.  The most recent critical text, and a new English translation, are printed here.

Following these is a long section containing the fragments of his work in Greek.  This comprises the fragments of the original Greek of the sermons, together with the remains of the scholia and the single remaining fragment of the commentary.

The fragments are all derived from medieval Greek bible commentaries, known as catenae.  These consist of “chains” of quotations from earlier authors.  The text as printed by Charles Delarue is used, together with other fragments given by W. Baehrens.  As an appendix a series of fragments from the Onomasticon Marchalianum are given.

The volume has been produced in order to make the translation more readily available.  The original language text is reprinted from the best available critical edition and appears on facing pages.

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Update: The following features will be of interest to specialists:

  • Greek text corrected and supplemented by reference to cod. Ottobon. 452 — including some newly edited fragments (see p. 410) and some recently edited by Vianes (see p. 409), and a new testimonium on ch. 37.
  • Significant additions / supplements at 3.2; 3.20; 7.26(b); 9.9; 13.2(d); 14.4(a); 17.13(c); 30.6(b)
  • Identification of some doubtful or inauthentic fragments (on the basis of ms. attribution):  4.16; 7.17-18(a); 7.26(c); 8.17-18(c); 13.9(a); 14.13(b); 16.7(b); 16.10(d)-(e); 16.30(a); 16.48(b); 17.13(c); 18.6(c); 18.23; 32.23
  • New reference to the asterisk, a critical sign used by Origen — fr. 7.27(a)
  • Reference to obelus and discussion derived from Origen’s Commentary (fr. 32.17) newly incorporated among the collection of Origen’s fragments
  • Citation of Symmachus restored (fr. 9.2)
  • Etymological (onomastic) fragments probably to be attributed to Origen — included as an appendix
  • Frequent cross-references to Jerome’s commentary (in notes to the Greek fragments especially).

Eusebius of Caesarea: Gospel problems and solutions

The first volume in our series Ancient Texts in Translation is now available!  Volume 1 is a text and translation of Eusebius of Caesarea’s Gospel Problems and Solutions (Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum). 

Cover image for Eusebius, Gospel Problems and Solutions

The book consists of a list of “problems” or difficulties with the gospels.  Why does the genealogy of Jesus in Matthew’s gospel differ from that in Luke’s gospel?  Why are there several endings to Mark’s gospel?  These are just two of the questions dealt with by the erudite 4th century writer.

There are already many excellent series of texts and translations of ancient literary works.  But there is a need for a series to provide access to certain works, which are of the highest interest, but have never benefitted from an English translation.

Chieftain Publishing brings to you the first in this new series: a text and translation of Eusebius of Caesarea’s Gospel Problems and Solutions, published by Angelo Mai as Quaestiones ad Stephanum et Marinum

In this work, Eusebius discusses passages at the start and end of the four gospels, where the gospels disagree among themselves.  He then gives his solutions.  The answers he gives are sometimes quirky, but always interesting, both of themselves and as a guide to how people in ancient times thought about these problems.

The original language text is given, with a translation opposite.

For the summary of the book in Greek printed by Angelo Mai, the text of Claudio Zamagni from the Sources Chrétiennes edition is reproduced by permission. The Greek catena fragments and Latin quotations are given from the most recent text available. The twelve Syriac fragments assembled a century ago by Beyer are given, together with two further fragments from Severus of Antioch and Ishodad of Merv. Finally for the first time Coptic fragments are given, from the fragmentary gospel catena of de Lagarde, and Arabic fragments from the Arabic translation of that catena.

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Sample pages are available here: 9780956654007_excerpts

A leaflet is here: leaflet.pdf

Welcome to Chieftain Publishing

Welcome!  Chieftain Publishing is a new publisher with a new approach to academic publishing. 

There are many existing series of English language translations of ancient texts.  But there are many ancient texts which have never appeared in English at all.  Many of these are of the highest interest, both to the specialist, and to the interested layman. 

A good many of these untranslated texts have never attracted the attention of any existing series.  It is our intention to do something about this.

This website isn’t fully up yet.  But you can find our first volume, Eusebius of Caesarea: Gospel Problems and Solutions, for sale at and!

The UK hardback has mysteriously vanished, but is in fact available.  All these are also available from ourselves directly!